To my wonderful TA (past, present and future).

8d503d0cf1a2dfbda86f581c07cb3f78To my wonderful TA (past, present and future),

Thank you for helping me to teach young minds.

Thank you for asking if I need a coffee when you know I probably haven’t had time to get one. Thank you for checking if I have had lunch, and when I inevitable say no, putting a snack on my desk so I can eat and work.

Thank you for always running to the photocopier when I realise I have left half of my printing there.

Thank you for creating wonderful displays and resources for our pupils to use.

Thank you for staying late, for coming in during half term and for texting me with ideas at the weekend.

Thank you for working with a different group of children each day, for reporting back after every session with their achievements and progress.

Thank you for letting me use you as an example of good behaviour/imaginary arguments/in any way that gets a teaching point across.

Thank you for standing with our class so I can run to the bathroom!

Thank you for reading my mind – always being one step ahead and having things prepared before I remember we need them.

Thank you for staying late/ getting in early most days to finish tasks.

Thank you for always being there when I need a chat/hug/moan/cry.

Thank you for being there at a moments notice to cover our class when I am called to a meeting or out on a course.

Thank you for being my ‘back up’ at difficult parents’ meetings.

Thank you for running to the shop on your way home to get baking/ art supplies ready for the next day.

Thank you for running extra curricular clubs in your spare time.

Thank you for knowing our students inside out and back to front in a different way to how I know them. Without that knowledge, I wouldn’t be able to plan suitable lessons.

Thank you for the interventions/behaviour management/first aid forms/conversations with parents/reading book changes/team teaching/cutting-backing-laminating/ fantastic lesson ideas/ concern forms/small group work, big group work, whole class work/laughter/emotional support.


Thank you for sharing the task of teaching.



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